Weekly Set Menu

* 2 - Course Menu…€ 28,00

(soup,salad, starter/main or main/dessert) 

* 3 - Course Menu…€ 31,00

(soup,salad, starter/main/dessert)


Dutch Pea Soup                                                      Homemade Split Green Pea soup, Smoked Sausage, Bacon (GF)

Spinach-Berry Salad with Avocado                         Spinach, Berries, Avocado, Feta Cheese, Pine Nuts & Poppyseed Dressing (GF)

Hot Smoked Salmon Salad                                                    Hot Smoked Salmon, Jersey Potatoes, Haricot Verts, Apple and Horseradish Dressing (GF)


Risotto with Courgette Flowers                                 Risotto, Summer Vegetables, Goat Cheese Stuffed Courgette Flower (cbGF)

“Don-Buri” Miso Salmon                                                   Miso Salmon, Fresh Vegetables, Soy-Ginger Sauce,Chestnut Champignons and Jasmine Rice (cbGF)

Chicken Tikka Masala                                                     Indian Spiced Chicken, Steamed Rice, Naan Bread, Condiments (cbGF)

Peter’s Stoverij From Zeeland (Flemish Beef Stew) Braised Beef Stew in Beer, Fries, Salad

Rack of Lamb From New Zealand                                 Grilled Rack of Lamb, Vegetables, Feta, Lentil Salad and Basil Pesto (GF)


Crème Brûlée                                                                  Creme Brûlée, Madagaskar Vanilla, Burnt Sugar (GF)

Season’s Cafe Glace                                                     Coffee, Vanilla Ice Cream, Whip Cream, and Cookie (cbGF)

Dutch Apple Pie                                                              Dutch Apples, Sugar, Cinnamon,Raisins, Vanilla Whip Cream

Belgium Waffle, Bananas Foster & Carmel              Belgium Waffle, Sautéed Bananas, Brown Sugar, Rum, Vanilla Ice